Digital Marketing & Startup couch. 

This is a  marketing place where you can find digital marketing couching  and tools require for your business and support on startups.

What we do?

 We help software companies develop an effective inbound marketing process. We create content, repackage existing content, build landing pages and create email nurturing campaigns. We measure the effectiveness of our work not by pixels but by sales outcomes. We study conversion rates for marketing assets and iterate to drive better results.

Venkata ranga

Venkata ranga


We are dedicated to give nothing but the best software, we concentrate on the quality of product in the first place and next we care for the satisfaction of our customers.

We don't have time podcast

by Venkata Ranga


The software we deliver is fully customizable for our customers.


The work we do where every thing is documented and unique for every customer.

UI Elements

The UI supports all the platforms such as Windows,Mac,Linux.

Free Updates

We give free updates for the products you buy which helps software error free.

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we have got a special discount on first software you buy it is only valid for a limted period. Hurry up!